Sustaining positive brand image

If you claim to leadership and represent yourself as a serious company - this exhibition enables you entry into the market.

PR channel

Information about the participants of the exhibition appears in mass media. Thereby audience increases manifold, and the cost per visitor for traditional exhibition is 3 times lower than for personal sale.

Marketing tool

This Exhibition is a perfect place for market study. This is where your company is on "open and simultaneous access" with all your competitors and business partners. This gives you a good opportunity to compare the offers of other companies and pay attention to small but effective nuances and later turn it to your account. TECHURITY EXPO is the best place to test ideas and developments of your company. Here you will immediately receive a "feedback" and will see the immediate reaction and opinion of your potential audience.

Commercial effectiveness

This Exhibition will provide an opportunity to meet your target audience. You bring your exposure, but you do not have to look for clients in their locations - your potential consumers come to the exhibition and visit your booth. The exhibition will help to identify prospects of your company, prospects of market and your competitors, find new ideas, business contacts or investors.

Business Opportunities

TECHURTY EXPO helps you move to a new level. We invite "the right" audience to the exhibition. Event program always aims to interest key segment of visitors – the segment of visitors you expect. The event engages mass media representatives and this in its turn provides maximum possibilities for participants’ promotion.


In extended sense, this exhibition is the largest business forum, which besides the very exhibition includes halls and workshops to provide the most comprehensive exchange of information, skills and experience among the leading specialists. No other form of business promotion provides such an effect in business contracts conclusion and establishing long-term partnership.

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